What if I don’t have access to a gym? I wanna workout at home

No gym,no worries..you can choose what is your preference and Gaby will make your plan accordingly.. Note that even if you work out at home probably you will need a few affordable equipment you can easily order from Amazon / Souq / Dubizzle.

I only need a diet plan

There is an option to get customized diet plan / macro calculation so you will know what to eat and how much of the right foods in order to reach your goals, let it be loosing weight or building muscle or  both. It cost 35$ and takes 2-3 business days to get it delivered by mail. Send a mail or order under “Nutrition ” Menu point.

How can I reach Gaby when I need her?

Don’t worry you not gonna be alone…there is a chat on the app which is a fast way of messaging and you will have your dedicated time to even have a call or voice noting. Note that if you reach out on social media it takes longer to get a response.

You also have the option to record and send your photos and videos for progress or form check in the app.

How I am gonna get my plan?

After you made your payment Gaby will add you to the online platform, you will be notified by email (IMPORTANT! ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK THE EMAIL YOU SUBMIT WHEN MAKING YOUR PAYMENT) You will be introduced to the platform and will be sent a questionnare and a form about your previous medical and training history and your goals, so Gaby can design the perfect workout plan for you. It takes approx 3-5 business days and you can get started. Meanwhile you will be asked to start to track your macros (meals) so you will be familiar with the process when you get started your plan.

Which option should I choose? 1 months or 3 months online coaching?

When you should choose the 3 months package?

If you are a beginner to exercise as there is a lot to learn for you, and Gaby will build up your plan gradually as your body gets stronger and used to the proper forms of the exercises.

If you are someone who carries bigger amounts of bodyfat and you are trying to loose weight as the healthy rate of fat loss is around 1-2lbs per week. As your body is changing Gaby will adjust your macros, diet and exercises as well. Same applies if your goal is to build lean muscle as the process is similar.

When is it advisable to opt for the 1 month package?

If you are someone who is working out regularly, but don’t have a custom plan according to your goals and you just need to refine your workout plan, because you are not seeing your desired results.